Baroda Background

We are a leading consignor at the major sales in Ireland and the UK since 2010 selling over 14 million euro and 40 million gns in stock. Including champions Cloth of Stars, Marcel, Nyaleti, Dark Vision, Glass Office, and more.

We consign to all of the major sales throughout the year, including yearling, foal, breeding stock, as well as to the Breeze Up sales.

We aim to ensure you obtain the best possible price at the fall of the hammer.



Why Us?

We are a boutique, smart consignment providing a personalized experience to every client. Our trusted team with professionally skilled staff will work to maximize your horses’ value. Selling your own horse at public auction can be a challenging and sometimes daunting prospect. We have well-established locations at all the key European sales grounds that attract buyers to our consignment. Our continuous communication through sale reports, photos, videos, and conversation will put you at ease and take the hassle out of selling. We will work with you whilst carrying out the workload and detailed planning required to achieve the best sale results.

We also provide sales preparation, which is an important aspect to consider when selling stock. It is our preference is that we prepare your yearlings for the sales in Baroda Stud with highly experienced staff, advanced nutrition plans, great facilities, and an open door for owners to call and visit at anytime.




Consigning a horse for sale can be a daunting task which is where David Cox’s Baroda Stud comes in, with the picturesque Kildare farm offering bespoke sales preparation programmes for your horses. We take the hassle out of selling for you.

Our eight week sales preparation programme is designed to ensure that each horse performs to its potential on sales day, maximising profits for you. Our operation is a boutique one with the emphasis on quality over quantity so you can be assured that your horse will not be one among many.




We work with experts from Gain Animal Nutrition, Red Mills and Equine Products (TRM) to ensure that your horse receives the optimum nutritional benefits




Baroda Stud has developed into a respected consignor of high class horses, from foals to breeding stock, at every major European sale with the purple colours of the Baroda uniform a hallmark of quality and service. Our well-turned out staff and expertly groomed horses have earned the highest respect at the sales

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Individual Treatment

Each horse has a tailored programme so that your horse reaches the sale in peak condition. Our specialists in foal and yearling preparation ensure your yearlings are expertly prepared for the sales and a future racing career. Tattersalls, Tattersalls Ireland and Arqana sales grounds making it even easier for you horse to attract the right attention.



Excellent Staff

Our highly-skilled and knowledgable staff ensure that your horse receives the best possible care while at Boroda Stud and at the sales and is in the best possible hands to maximise its profits



Personal Touch

David and his team are renowned for their approachability, hospitality and trustworthiness and take pride in achieving the best sale for you




Baroda Stud itself is located close to the world-famous Curragh in Co Kildare and is perfectly positioned close to the Goffs’ sales complex, a major motorway and Ireland’s main transport hubs, allowing for ease of transport to Tattersalls, Goffs’ UK and Arqana

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Sales Position

The Baroda sales consignments are well established in prime positions at the Goffs, Goffs UK, Tattersalls, Tattersalls Ireland and Arqana sales grounds making it even easier for you horse to attract the right attention




All foals and yearlings have the benefit of an individually designed exercise programme as part of their sales preparation that includes hand-walking, driving in long reins and a certain amount of lunging (as applicable)

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Sales Preparation

At Baroda Stud we pride ourselves on providing the best possible preparation for horses going to the sales. We prefer to prepare the horses for sale at our studs, an historic farm with over 400 acres in the heart of Ireland’s Thoroughbred County.

Our eight-week yearling sales preparation programme is informed by international study and years of experience, and is designed to ensure that each horse arrives at the sale in brilliant shape, ready to perform to the best of its ability. We treat each horse as an individual and know that routine is essential for horses to thrive and grow.

From cutting edge nutritional advice to the best staff in the business, Baroda Stud’s pursuit of excellence in sales preparation is unstinting, benefiting your horses and allowing you achieve your sales ambitions.